If your cat is your best friend

if his/her photos invade your mobile phone,
if s/he is the first you greet when you get home in the evening,
if you stay motionless when s/he cuddles up to sleep on your lap,
if yours is an everlasting bond,

CATTITUDE is for you!



Four different colors for four emotions. The matching bracelets in natural jade beads are available in a limited edition, and each of them carries the CATTITUDE medallion that best represents your special relationship. Don’t miss out on this super opportunity!

Discover our limited edition



Take the symbol of that truly special bond with you wherever you go… it’s what best expresses the friendship between your cat friend and you. In our Special Edition, CATTITUDE medallions are accompanied by an elegant steel bracelet. For the perfect CAT Lover!

Discover our special edition



Choose the matching CATTITUDE medallions that best describe the relationship between you and your furry friend. Since they are made of hypoallergenic and extremely resistant material, you’ll both be able to wear your accessories permanently.

Discover our basic edition

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