Each couple of matching medallions of the Limited Edition is combined with a specific bracelet in natural jade beads. You choose the CATTITUDE medallions that best represent your special friendship.



Wanderlust or the uncontainable urge to travel that takes over wandering spirits…

Are you one of those people who always have their suitcase ready, including a fully charged camera, who can’t wait to discover the world, to see new landscapes, to meet new cultures and whose motto in life is if you stop you lose!?. If you are, we created the Arctic Blue Wanderlust line of bracelets thinking of you.

“CATurday is a special day” because our favorite days are days we can spend with our furry friends, and because if we could travel with them as companions, if we could have their “meow” with us all the time, maybe we’d never come back home!

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Empathy is the ability to deeply comprehend how someone else feels. Cats are experts at empathy: they perceive and pick up our vibrations and emotions, even the most deeply hidden ones. This is how they’re able to be our most authentic friends.
For sensitive people, who are always there to listen and help, we’ve created the Empathy line with the Sky Blue bracelet.
“You are PURRRFect for me” is just the phrase for this kind of relationship. Our four-legged friend can’t but answer “YES i know it!!”

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Serendipity is the reason you discover something you weren’t expecting and hadn’t planned on, while you were looking for something else altogether. It represents the ability to catch the clues that will lead to the discovery of new, exciting experiences.
For those people that have beautiful things happen to them that they didn’t even know they were looking for, like an unexpected but overwhelming and magnificent love, we have created the Serendipity line with the Cotton Candy Pink bracelet.
The phrase “I’m FELINE good today” tells of unexpected joy… our furry friend’s answer can’t but be “…meow too!!” because when we’re happy, you can bet they are as well.

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A Dreamer is someone who stops at nothing to reach his or her goal, and keeps at it tenaciously.
For those who have a dream, who don’t get discouraged and keep on fighting to make it come true, we have created the Dreamer line with the Dark Purple bracelet.
“All you need is LOVE and a CAT” , because if we are lucky enough to have love and a furry friend to encourage us with a warm-hearted “Meow”, making our dreams come true will be much easier!

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